Having just finished the rather heavy Game of Thrones, I retreated to lighter reading for short while. Yes, yes… I’m one of those readers – I read for entertainment, and thus, rarely appreciate the gritty, dark, or “realistic” in my fantasy novels.

So, where does a reader in need of a little light-hearted fluff turn? In my case, to Patricia Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles! These were a staple in my literary diet as I was growing up, and I re-read them fondly to this day.

The entire series is so tongue-in-cheek that you can’t help but laugh as you read it. Whether it be Cimorene’s staunch non-conformism, Morwen’s dry wit and common sense, or Mendenbar’s rather befuddled gallantry, each character knows their role within the fantasy genre and flat refuses to play it. Even outside the main characters, there is a whole horde of creatures, from dragons to dwarves, who will not take themselves seriously. And thus, you have a fun and witty world that uses every cliché in the book, and yet is anything but boring.

My favorite book in the series would have to be the second one – Searching for Dragons. This one has the most action of the four stories, and just a dash of romance (which I always enjoy). It’s less about Cimorene refusing to be a princess (the topic of the first book, Dealing With Dragons), and more a series of small adventures on the way to solving the main plot question.  My favorite chapter contains a brief stop at the house of the dwarf who is overloaded with royal firstborns because none of their mothers could guess his name – even after he changed it to make it easier on them.

Anyways, just some light fluff for the weekend. Happy Easter, all!