I am the cheerful owner of a Kindle, and I must say, it has its perks.

The Beloved Husband can tell you that I was leery of them at first. I wondered how my favorite bookstores would be affected, what would happen to actual, physical books in our ever-increasingly eco-friendly world, and just how my life as a bookworm would change. As a would-be editor, I also wondered what e-books would do to the publishing industry and how those changes would affect my getting a job.

Then, a very generous friend gave me a Kindle. While I can’t say that I’m hooked, I do enjoy it very much. So far, I’ve only used it to boost my collection of classic stories (many are offered as free e-books) and harder-to-find faerie stories. The Beloved Husband has told me that I can buy an e-book a week if I so choose, but I haven’t yet taken him up on the offer. I may though, closer to vacation time.

I think I’ll always prefer physical books to e-books – there’s something about choosing size, cover art, etc. that I enjoy and I view my three (filled) ceiling high bookshelves with pride. However, I can say that my Kindle was invaluable during jury duty and has granted me access to books I couldn’t find before. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get my textbooks on it come the fall. If that happens, e-readers may just become a staple in my life as I’ll be forever indebted to them for no longer having to lug around my own weight in English textbooks and anthologies.