So, yesterday’s topic was Anne Bishop’s “Black Jewels” novels as my current favorite book series. Today’s entry is going to focus on my favorite book within the world – Dreams Made Flesh (kinda doubles as a “Book of the Week”)It’s a collection of four short stories and it displays the full range of Bishop’s writing talents.

The first vignette, “Weaver of Dreams” is the poignant story of the beginning of the Blood’s history and power.

The second, a short story called “The Prince of Ebon Rih”, follows the character, Lucivar, in his adjustment to the new realm and his courtship of his wife. It’s hilariously funny and intense by turns and is my favorite out of the collection.

The third, another vignette called “Zuulaman”, details the destruction of an ancient race and shows of Bishop’s prowess in writing brutal, creepy, and dark fantasy.

The final short story, “Kaeleer’s Heart” follows the two original main characters, Jaenelle and Daemon, as they grow in their new marriage. Fun, heart-wrenching, and sinister, it really gives the full spectrum of Bishop’s world.

This book became my favorite because it showed the joy and healing of all the main characters. After reading the original trilogy and seeing all the struggles, pain, and death that they faced, it was nice to see them get to rest and heal. Often I find myself reading a series that’s getting progressively darker and wondering if the author even likes his characters since he’s constantly forcing them to endure greater amounts of pain. One of my most frequently asked questions is, “What did that poor character ever do to you?” Dreams Made Flesh is refreshing deviation from the usual trend.

I’ll admit, as the series has progressed, Shalador’s Lady gives Dreams Made Flesh a run for its money as my favorite, but I think that I’ll always have a special place in my heart for the latter – it’s the perfect blend of chilling ruthlessness and light-hearted fun. Obviously, I highly recommend it, though, to get the full impact, you really need to read the original trilogy first.