Jedi Shadow and Jedi Sunrise are two books made up of the first six stories in Kevin J. Anderson’s Young Jedi Knights series. I devoured these books when I was growing up, reading and re-reading them to the point that one of our local librarians asked me why I didn’t just buy the series. I finally did, and now they sit on my bookshelf out in the living room – untouched for several years.

I keep them mostly for nostalgic reasons. These books helped shape how I view the world and actually influenced my work ethic. I idolized the character, Tenel Ka, and tried to emulate her where I could. To that end, I tried to avoid taking the easy way out and to remember that if something was worth doing, it was worth the struggle to do it yourself.

I think I’ve just outgrown the writing style. The stories are still fun and I’m still fond of all the characters, I just can’t re-read them the same way that I used to – they don’t hold my interest as well and I find myself skipping around to my favorite parts. This doesn’t mean that the writing is bad, just that it aims for the 10- 14 year-old age bracket and, at the age of 22, I’m no longer as enthralled.

Anyways, these are two books that won’t ever leave my bookshelf – they’re too big a part of my childhood for me to just give them away, but, sadly, they may gather some dust for a while. They’ll probably get pulled out again within the next 20 years or so. After all, there is always the next generation to nerdify. Lol! 🙂