Like yesterday’s prompt (which marked the exact halfway point of this meme, btw), today’s is a very fluid one. And it’s funny – I’ve actually had a hard time sorting through my favorite literature lasses… not because there are a billion of them, but because I didn’t get as attached them as I did other characters.

When I was really young, I liked Sara from A Little Princess and  Beth March from Little Women. Through middle school and junior high, it was Tenel Ka from Kevin J. Anderson’s Young Jedi Knights series. High school heralded the adoption of Tamora Pierce’s Alanna from The Song of the Lioness quartet.

Now that I’m in college, I’m not really sure who my favorite female character is, actually. I’m too harsh on them, I think – either I find them too whiny or too angry. Still, if forced to choose, I would say that Lessa from Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight is still one of my most favorite female characters.

Lessa’s smart, really smart – and cunning too. That makes her character fun to read, because she usually has some scheme in the works. This trait helped her survive many long years of drudgery and bring down the man who slaughtered her family. Her plotting does occasionally work against her – thankfully, she’s smart enough to be able to reverse most situations she causes. Despite her habit of manipulating, she’s incredibly loyal to her weyrmate (even when she doesn’t like him). She’ll back F’lar in any argument.

Like Lucivar, Lessa grows and changes over the course of the Pern novels. While always shrewd, cunning, and sarcastic, her wariness of others fades over time and with it, her need to manipulate people into doing what she feels is best. Her relationship with F’lar changes from a rather strained and frigid coexistence to a warm and genuinely loving marriage – that smoothes many of her rough edges.

We don’t get to see as much of Lessa’s metamorphosis as we do Lucivar’s, because McCaffrey slowly fades F’lar and Lessa out of the spotlight, shifting over to their child, the Harper Hall, Lord Jaxom, and the Southern Continent. But it’s still satisfying to see the course of Lessa’s life take turns for the better.

Anyways, there we have it – favorite female character. Another entry down, 14 more to go!