Ooh! There are so many to choose from! After much debate, I have decided on the following from Dreams Made Flesh, “The Prince of Ebon Rih”:

“I’m not putting you down until I get a snarl,” he said.

She turned away, mortified – and saw Tassle standing to one side, watching them. The wolf curled his lips, revealing an impressive set of teeth. After a moment, the lips relaxed. He wagged the tip of his tail, then did the whole thing again.

She lowered her head, letting her hair fall forward to hide her face. Great. Wonderful. A wolf was coaching her in how to snarl…

Maybe a bit long to be called a quote – more like a scene, really – but it’s one of my absolute favorite moments. A wolf teaching someone how to snarl! Too perfect!

See? You do it THIS way! Helpful wolf is helpful...