I’ve got a lot of characters that I relate to in some special way – Jo March from Little Women, Hermione from Harry Potter, Jane from Jane Eyre, and Lucy Pevencie from The Chronicles of Narnia. Each of these girls has some characteristic, personal struggle, or type of thought process that is similar to my own.

But the character I relate to most, the one that seems to be most inside my head would have to be Lizzie Bennet from Pride & Prejudice.

She loves to laugh at other people’s quirks – so do I. She has a sarcastic streak a mile wide – so do I. She loves to read – why, so do I! Lizzie and I match up on most accounts, from her love of the outdoors to her often frustrated opinions about the foolish people around her and her ready willingness to respect the wise ones. I often laughed while I was reading this book, out of sheer sympathy! To this day, she is the character that I quote the most without meaning to.

The way Austen constructs Pride & Prejudice keeps readers mostly inside Lizzie’s head, despite it being written in the third person. As such, we get intimately acquainted with her thought processes. For me, it was so very easy to slide into Lizzie’s point of view, as she often reached the exact same conclusions that I did.

I’ve read a lot of books since I first was exposed to Pride & Prejudice, but I’ve yet to meet a character I understand better than Lizzie Bennet. How I would love for her to be a real person – think of all the fun we could have commiserating over tea!