My cousin is responsible for introducing me to many a good book. Linda Howard’s Mr. Perfect is one of the best. It’s a wonderfully creepy, suspenseful murder mystery with a little bit of romance thrown in there.

The plot’s premise requires some suspension of disbelief from the reader. Four friends make a list of the qualities that their ideal man would have and title it “Mr. Perfect”. This list gets out and before anyone really knows what’s happening, it’s all over the news, on the internet, and appearing in local newsletters (totally improbable, I know… in fact, the characters themselves even comment on how unbelievable the whole situation is).

As The List grows in popularity, someone begins killing off the four friends one by one. Like any good who-done-it, the whole book builds up the question of who the killer is. The aftermath of the murders shows that he hates women,  whoever he is and is especially intent on getting rid of these four ladies in particular.

When the killer is revealed, everyone – characters and readers are alike are dumbfounded – it’s a plot twist that no one saw coming. When I reached the end of the book, I called up my cousin to rave about the whole thing and her response was an excited “I know, right!?”

The best part is that, when I reread the book and looked at all the clues again, the killer’s identity was totally obvious! I found myself asking, “How could I have missed that??” That, to me, that makes the twist all the more satisfying, The author carefully wove it in and built up to it, instead of just springing it on us out of nowhere. None of this “Hey look! A twist!” nonsense – just a carefully crafted plot that unfolds beautifully to have maximum impact.

So yeah, best plot twist that I’ve read to date. It’s going to be a hard one to top!