See, this one is really hard. I don’t really read “serious” books that argue points of view or advocate specific positions on a given topic. My chosen genres really don’t argue anything. Kinda hard to have your opinion changed by faeries, elves, dragons, and the like.  The closest thing I’ve got is Thomas More’s Utopia, which I read at the age of 18, said “Huh. Interesting. I’m good, thanks”, and went along my merry way (after writing a smashing paper on it and impressing my English teacher, of course).

Perhaps I’m taking this prompt too seriously – my brain instantly leaped to politics, religion, and social issues (all important, heavy-hitting topics that we have strong opinions on… and topics that I generally avoid with all but a select few.)

But, today’s entry is supposed to be “A Book That Changed Your Mind on Something“. And that Something could be anything, so, let’s see here…

Well, Vector Prime changed my opinion that Star Wars could never be destroyed. I now know that it’s fully possible – the whole New Jedi Order series convinced me of that with a few notable exceptions.

Bad Final Fantasy VII stories (please don’t ask how I even was exposed to them – I prefer to block that out) changed my opinion that Sephiroth was a good villain. I now blame him and his fangirls for the fall of the Final Fantasy games in general.

And I suppose Twilight changed my opinion that poorly-written teeny-bopper wanna-be romances are harmless. I used to laughingly pretend they didn’t exist and tolerate those who read them. After having one of my friends get bitten on the arm by a girl screaming, “Team Edward!!”, I’ve taken a less charitable view, and now ponder on the effects these books have on the general population (specifically, my little sister and her friends, most of whom seem blessedly un-infected and sane about the whole thing).

In the end, I’d have to say, for the most part, it’s the fans of the books, and not the books  themselves that change my opinions. I’ve read inspiring books, to be sure, but it’s not until I see how those books affect the world around me that I start making judgement calls.  Words, I can ignore. Actions are a bit harder to dismiss.