I would have to give this one to The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton. Case in point, when I mentioned the book to a fellow nerd, his response was, “AWWWW! Why??”.

My reply, “Because I’m a girl and the romance between Han and Leia appealed to me.”

There’s more to it than that though. I enjoyed the writing, I thought that the story was actually pretty good (it includes wild Rancors, Force-weilding “witches”, kidnappings, betrayals, and the dangers of cheating at intergalactic card games), and it some comedic lines that are pure genius.

This book also introduces my favorite EU planets – the Hapes Cluster with its ostentatious lifestyle and politics, and Dathomir with its untouched wildness and grace. One of my favorite characters, Tenel Ka, springs from these two planets (being the offspring of two of the characters in this book, as a matter of fact).

Beyond that though, I really don’t remember much else in the book worth writing about. I’ll leave you with my favorite quotes involving the illustrious Han Solo:

Prince Isolder:Let me get this straight. You said ‘Kiss my Wookiee!’ to the most powerful warlord in the galaxy?

Han Solo:Do you know he really is a genius? He can curse fluently in nearly sixty languages. Now I have heard some obscenities in my time, but this man has a special talent.

And after a worried whine from our wookie friend, Solo gives the comforting reply of,

No, I never really would have asked you to kiss him.

As a junior high-er, I loved this exchange. To this day, I feel it fits the devil-may-care attitude that Han displayed in the movies very well and is a good extension of his character.