Right! This one – easier than it sounds! Despite the many, many books that I’ve read and enjoyed over the years, there is only one that can qualify as my favorite book of all.

It’s Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, of course!

Upon informing the Beloved Husband of my choice, he laughed and replied, “Well yeah – you have ovaries!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle over this succinct explanation,   but there is more to it than that.

  • When I’m bored and want to read a random book, I pick Pride & Prejudice… every time.
  • When describing someone’s personality, I usually liken them to a character in Pride & Prejudice.
  • When in a conversation, it is Pride & Prejudice that I quote (often without meaning to or noticing that I have).
  • When writing an essay where I need to sound vaguely competent and intelligent, I mimic the writing voice used in Pride & Prejudice.
  • And, in the course of living my life, the question of “What Would Lizzie Bennet Do?” has often cropped up. Just as often, I find that the answer to that question is the course of action that I take.

While reflecting on these points, I realized that this book has had a profound impact on my life, from the way I view the world around me to the way I behave in public. It’s even helped me keep life in perspective by reminding me to laugh at other people’s foibles when I’m stressed.

It’s a story I enjoy and every time I read it, I find something new that is really cool (and, thus, I enjoy it even more). The romance and comedy hide a pretty smart satire of the times and a subtle feminist streak. These little tidbits come out more and more as I get older, and so keep the book from ever becoming stale.

So, there it is. The best book of all. A fitting end for the 30 Days of Books series. 🙂