Well, having completed “30 Days of Books”, I wandered around WordPress looking for another meme or an interesting challenge or prompt to inspire my sporadic postings. I came across a “Weekly Meme” called “Booking Through Thursday”. Basically, each week on Thursday, a prompt is posted or a question is asked and bloggers are free to write about it. Since I try to post every Friday, this could work out very nicely!

I went back and read through the older prompts and found quite a few that I liked, so I’ll start with them and move on to more current ones as time goes on. The one I’ll use today is “Bad Book Habits”.

Mine is that I tend to place any book I’m reading face down on the table, shelf, or couch to save my  place instead of using a bookmark. Poor book spines! Most of my paperbacks are creased down the middle from such abuse. Luckily, this habit does not apply to hardcover books (as most of mine are leather-bound and thus, cost much more money).

I also tend to skim through sections of books that I find uninteresting. Understandable perhaps, but in a well-written story, every part is important whether I, as the reader, find it interesting or not. This one is a habit that I’m trying to break – somewhat unsuccessfully.

So, there we are, my bad book habits. What are yours?