An older Booking Through Thursday prompt that I found interesting – but then, I’m just OCD enough about my books that when I saw this one, I went, “Ooh! Ooh! I’ve got an answer!!” ‘Cause, you know, I’m a book nerd who actually takes the time to specifically plan out and arrange my bookshelves. I’ve been doing it since I was a small child – I’d sort my Dr. Seuss books by color and arrange all the others by height.

The current arrangement spans my entire house. The biggest bookshelf  is in the bedroom and is crammed full of books. It’s probably the most meticulously sorted.

  • Textbooks go on the bottom – they’re heaviest and help provide a sturdy anchor.
  • The next shelf up is devoted to that beloved series from my childhood – Redwall. Yes… it takes up a whole shelf.
  • The next four shelves are my favorite books arranged semi-alphabetically and grouped into clusters of vaguely related topics (i.e. all books based on classic faerie tales are placed together, all High Fantasy together, etc.).  On top of all this, my absolute favorites are on the shelf closest to my reading chair ( for ease of reach) and I work my way up from there.
  • The topmost shelf is filled with books that I want to keep, but don’t read often.

The other two bookshelves are in the living room. One is darker wood and sits by the door. It’s filled with my leather-bound books – because they look cool and stand out beautifully against the wood.

  • Faerie Tales go on the top shelf.
  • Classics that I’m bound to read again and again go on the next shelf down.
  • Classics that I want to read go on the second shelf from the bottom.
  • The bottom shelf is for “pretty books” that I have little to no interest in at the moment.

Last but not least is the tan bookshelf behind the couch. It’s for books that I don’t know what to do with. It’s only about half-way full and is home to knick-knacks and other decorative things as well.

  • Bottom shelf is for small boxes.
  • Next shelf up is for CDs.
  • Middle shelf is for my big art books (Brian Froud’s work – beautiful!) and my Encyclopedia of World Mythology.
  • Next shelf up is for paperbacks that I might read someday.
  • Top shelf is for books that don’t belong anywhere else.

That’s about it… though there are some rogue cookbooks hiding in my kitchen cupboards, and a few small books lurking in the bathroom.

So, yeah, I’m that nerdy a bookworm – I have a system that probably makes no sense to anyone else, but it makes me happy!