It is a sad thing when any bookworm has to say goodbye to a purveyor of books. For me, that dark day has finally arrived – Borders, one of my most beloved bookstores, is going out of business. 😦

What I loved most about them was the wide selection – I often stumbled across books I’d never even heard of, but since they sounded intriguing, I’d check them out. Some of my favorite books were discovered that way!

They also had awesome prices! If I timed it right, buying books on sale or with one of the Borders Rewards coupons was actually less expensive than some of my local used bookstores. That was always fun!

In his goodbye email, the CEO talked about the economic times, the rise of e-readers, and a few other difficult circumstances that contributed to their decline. I know that I, for one, cut back on my book buying when the Beloved Husband’s and my expenses went up – sorry guys! I would have given you my money if I’d had any!

Anyways, at this point, I think I’m rambling. The point of the whole thing is that I’ll miss this particular chain of stores, and I’m hoping that my other local bookstores manage to stay open. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.