I have confession to make… I read into the wee hours of the morning. I have since I was capable of reading books that took longer than three hours to finish.

I think the first book that ever inspired me to defy Bed Time and sneak a flashlight under my covers was Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy (I picked it up at the age of eleven, so Bed Time still existed. By the time I hit thirteen, it had changed to Curfew, but was essentially the same thing ;)). Anyways, I stayed up for as long as I could keep my eyes open to read it. This dedication lasted for a full 72 hours, by the end of which, I had finished the trilogy and developed quite the case of eyestrain.

As I got older, staying up late became routine – either because I got sucked into a really good book and forgot the time or because I didn’t finish whatever homework I had until after 11pm.

This last year, I often stayed up till 2am to read. Because my days were spent in college classes, at work, or wedding planning, I couldn’t even look at a book until midnight (or so it seemed – quite possibly I could have looked at them as early as 10pm, but who knows). As such, late night reading was the only way I got to read at all.

Now that I’m married, I don’t stay up reading as late as I used to. I usually pack it in around midnight so that the Beloved Husband can get to bed, though I do occasionally slip out to the living room and read if I can’t sleep.

So, how late do you all stay up to read?