I love my local library. You know why? Because they are prompt! Two books I requested have just come in – and you know the best part? The branch that they’re at is open til 8pm on Wednesdays! That means I don’t even have to rush to make it there before closing!

The first book is Firebird by Mercedes Lackey. I’ve never read it, but I enjoy her novelized faerie tales so much that I have high hopes for it. If it’s anything like her version of the Swan Princess story, The Black Swan, I should be well pleased. Also, thanks to Orson Scott Card’s Enchantment, I have developed a taste for adaptations on Russian lore, especially ones that have the potential for Baba Yaga to be the villain

Apparently, they don’t sell the mass-market paperback size anymore, but only a larger paperback re-print. My book OCD is not happy, but if I really enjoy it, I’ll tolerate it not being the same size as its companions and buy it… or, much more likely, I’ll hunt through my local used bookstores til I find the right copy.

The second book is the long-awaited Twilight’s Dawn by Anne Bishop! I, unfortunately, had to let my previous hold on this one expire because it became available for pick up exactly two weeks before my wedding – yeah, trips the library were pretty low on the mile-long list at that point. Anyways, it’s mine now and I plan on enjoying it! I’m ever-so-slightly worried though. Bishop has been hinting that she’s going to kill off a beloved character and from a few spoiler-free reviews I’ve read (ones that scream, “I’m never going to forgive her!!!!), I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that  she finally has. Whether she has or not is a moot point though. When it comes out in paperback next spring, I’m buying it.

Anyways, I’m a happy bookworm! These two have been on my “To-Read” list for several months now. I should be done with them in time for Friday’s post, though I’m pretty sure at least one of them will get saved for a “Book of the Week” entry.

Now, off I go to the library!