Sooo… the Going-Out-Of-Business sales at my local Borders have finally reached the 30% – 50% off range. I’m pondering expanding my fantasy collection now.

I’m tempted to wait a little longer, see if I can’t hold out til the sci-fi section reaches 50% off, but there are specific books that I want to buy, so I’m starting to get a little ancy.

Last I checked, both Mercedes Lackey books were there, but, of the Kristen Britain books, only First Rider’s Call was left (Blackveil, the newest installment was there as well, but it’s not in paperback yet, so I’m not going to buy it). The stores are advertising that they’ve gotten new stock from their warehouses, so I’m wondering if I’ll have a better chance of getting the books I want this weekend.

Decisions, decisions.

 To buy or not to buy – that is the question:
whether tis nobler to save
my money for my textbooks,
or to stave off the restless boredom that comes from not enough pleasure reading,
and by purchasing these novels, end all possibility of that happening… To buy, to read –
to read perchance to enjoy – aye, there’s the conundrum.

Well, the deciding factor will be if my cousin is free to go to the store with me. If she is, I’ll look and limit myself to two or three. If she isn’t, I guess I can wait a little longer. 😦