One of my friends asked me if anything has changed in my life since getting married (aside from the obvious big things, of course). And, as I’ve thought about it, there has indeed been one rather unexpected change in regards to my reading.

I’ve started seeking out cookbooks.

Well, not always books per say – most of the time it’s browsing, but I do have a small (and growing) collection of physical cookbooks in one of my kitchen cupboards.

See, I never used to really care about cookbooks. My mom had a pretty extensive hand-written recipe card collection, so we mostly relied on those. On top of that, she had memorized many of the recipes, so those were passed on directly to me with hands-on training – no instruction manual needed. 🙂

So now that the Beloved Husband and I are in our own place, I find myself needing to branch out meal-wise more and more. Occasionally, I just wing it and throw together whatever’s on hand and cook by taste, but more and more I find myself browsing Allrecipes – and not just when I need to cook something immediately either, I’m starting to go there more and more during my free-time too.

Anyways, there’s one little marital change and a whole new type of books added to my reading diet. (Bad pun fully intended- it seemed like a good idea at the time ;))