Cue Aerosmith music.

I have officially gone back to school. Lol! I feel so… old when I say that. I’ve actually had the chance to stop pursuing my education and then go back. I wasn’t able to do that a few years ago – school was mandatory then.

Anyways, I was only out of school for a year – not too long actually, but long enough for it to feel new and different when I got on the campus. But I slipped back into the whole routine pretty easily. Arrive 40 minutes before class, circle the parking lot for 15 minutes until a spot opens up, find classroom and sit on the floor against the wall with a small group of other students until the professor shows up to let you in, shuffle in, find a seat, and then look around aimlessly until class starts. All muscle memory by now.

I’m taking three English classes this year:

  • English 301 -Analyzing Literature
  • Norse and Classical Mythology
  • Introduction to Shakespeare (again… since the first Shakespeare class I took didn’t transfer…)

So this leads us into a whole new (well, new for the blog) genre of books.

Textbooks! Those obscenely over-priced, horrifically heavy tomes that we tote around for months but only actually open three or four times (once for each test and the final) in the entire semester!

As it is, I should be able to get all 16 of my textbooks for just over $200 – that’s pretty good! Thankfully, almost half of them are available as ebooks – thus lowering price (and weight) into reasonable realms. I’d mentioned in an earlier post that I’d hoped to get as many textbooks as possible on my Kindle, so I’m delighted to find as many Kindle editions of my textbooks as I am.

My semester reading list (so far) includes:

  • Othello
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • Richard III (yet again)
  • Macbeth
  • Titus Andronicus
  • Frankenstein
  • The Great Gatsby (ugh)
  • Beowulf (Dual-Language Version)
  • The Odyssey
  • A whole plethora of theory books and analysis books

Looks like I’ll have plenty of new material to write about!