The other day, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that fellow blogger, rddenton, nominated me for what’s known as a Versatile Blogger Award, affectionately referred to as a “Versey”.  Like so many other bloggers out there, I often wonder if my posts are any good or if I’m just spewing out yet more drivel for the Internet to swallow up, so this really made my day!

So, anyways, many, many thanks to rddenton – you  have no idea how good a mood you’ve put me in! It’s really encouraging to know that I’m producing quality posts and not just rambling to thin air. 🙂

Now, there is a sort of procedure to be followed upon receiving a Versey:

  1. Thank the person/people who gave it to you.
  2. Write up seven things that bloggers wouldn’t be likely to know about you.
  3. Pass it on to 15 other bloggers (if you can).

So, onwards to Part Two – Little Known Facts About the Bookwyrm!

  • I’ve stated several times that I’m an English Major – mostly because of my passion for reading and the fact that I can write a mean essay. What most people don’t know is that if I were any good at Math, I probably would have considered majoring (or at least minoring) in Genetics. I find that whole thing fascinating! DNA, genes, gene splicing – too cool! Alas, I’m not able to comprehend most of it.
  • Only movies give me nightmares. Books and video games – no matter how terrifying – never cause me to lose sleep or really even phase me after I put them down. But movies – movies have the power to keep me sleepless for a weekend – hence why I refuse to watch scary movies of any kind. If  Shawn of the Dead can send 22 year-old me running for cover, I don’t want to know what actual, serious horror movies will do.
  • I love to paint. I actually painted the bookwyrm that serves as my avatar here on WordPress and is the main picture on the About Me page.
  • My favorite animal is the frog, mainly because amphibians are always smiling. I think they’re cute!
  •  I had never seen an actual, full-sized football up close and in person until I was 14.
  • I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 20 years old because I was terrified of driving. When I was 18, my dad drug me out of bed at 8am on a Saturday (heinous crime) and hauled me down to the DMV to get my permit. The next two years were frustrating (major understatement) for us all…
  • I have, not once, but twice, been stupid enough to wait til the weekend before it was due to write a 10 – 12 page term paper. Both times resulted in almost 72 hours straight of feverish research and typing, the consumption of several pots of tea and several pounds of chocolate, prolonged eyestrain and headaches, and at least a B+ on the paper itself.

And, the last part, Part Three – Pass It On!

Alas, I’m new enough to the blogging world that I don’t know near that many bloggers! But I’ll give it to the ones I do know.

  • Stevil – His blog is quite fun to read! It’s written with a sense of humor and is full of good reviews, thoughts on life, quality drabbles, and cute pictures of his dog. I highly suggest you check it out!
  • Jen, over at – She’s got a lot of good things to say about books, and many well-written and thorough reviews of numerous titles. Good place to go if you’re ever looking for something to read.
  • abookandashortlatte – A prolific poster with good things to say about YA fiction/fantasy. Another good place to go if you’re looking for new titles to read.
So, there we are! Much less than 15, but these three blogs are worth checking out!