I’ll still read whenever I get the chance – whether it be at 3:00pm, Midnight, or 8:00 in the morning, but I’ve found that I’ve gotten rather particular about where I read as I’ve gotten older.

When I was really little, I’d read anywhere. By the time I hit high school, I was a bit more selective – preferring to read my novels in the back row of my math class rather than, say, the front row of my Spanish class. Now that I’m in college, I really only read at home, and occasionally in airports or waiting rooms.

Back in the days when I could settle in with a good book just about anywhere…

So, a brief breakdown of where I read (starting with the most frequented and working our way down):

  1. In my bed, propped up with pillows with a mug of tea, hot chocolate, or milk in easy reach.
  2. In the bathtub.
  3. In my Book Nook.
  4. By my computer.
  5. In the hallways while waiting for my classroom to empty out.
  6. On the couch in the living room.
And, of course, places I absolutely will not/cannot even begin get into a book:
  • In the car (I get so carsick).
  • On the bus, or at the transit mall.
  • At work.
  • Outdoors in general.
So, yeah… just another reading quirk of mine. Nowhere near as amusing as my bookshelf OCD-ness. 😉