As a child, I was an insatiable reader. I was also lucky enough to have copious amounts of free time to indulge in my favorite pastime. As such, I blew through books at a rather alarming rate.

After I had exhausted my own supply of books, and in between raids on our local libraries, I would rifle through my mom’s personal library in search of new stories to read. On one such day, when I complained that I had nothing to read, she recommended this one to me as one that she had enjoyed when she was young.

Mystery of the Witches’ Bridge is a fun mystery for kids between 10 and 14 years old. It involves old grudges, foreboding, hermit-like relatives, local superstition, eerie music, and forgotten catacombs – all great things for a wonderfully atmospheric book. The mystery is nicely woven throughout the plot, and is surprisingly difficult to figure out, despite this being for pre-high school readers. I enjoyed the plot twists when I read it, and was quite satisfied with the ending.

This book is outside my usual diet of Fantasy novels. For that reason, I’m very grateful that my mom pointed it out to me, else I doubt I’d have ever picked it up. For all that it lacked faeries, elves, and such, I found it riveting, and didn’t put it down til I had finished it. What was especially nice was that it was spooky without ever really frightening me, just the right amount of eerie, in my opinion.

Of course, I’m reviewing this as someone who read the book at the appropriate age and enjoyed it immensely. Older readers may find it far too easy and light a read, though I very much enjoyed it when I reread it in college – but, perhaps that’s just the nostalgia talking.

Anyways, I recommend Mystery of the Witches’ Bridge to anyone who has young readers who enjoy mysteries. It’s a fun book for them to read or for you to read aloud with them.