I love my local used bookstores!

The other night, while walking through our downtown after dinner, the Beloved Husband and I stopped in Treehorn, a local used bookshop. As we perused the shelves, I found one novel that I’ve been looking for for a while now. I went home a happy owner of Kristen Britain’s First Rider’s Call. At long last, I can continue reading her series. I’ve been stalled since that is Book #2.

The better find, though, was the hardcover copy of Pride & Prejudice. It’s the exact edition as the one I grew up reading (alas, when I moved out, Mom insisted on me returning it to her)! One of my odd little reading quirks is that I get attached to a specific edition of any given text I read – which means I enjoy it more when I read it from that particular copy. It’s why I’m waiting to steal my mom’s Little House series and her copy of Little Women.

So, I am quite happy with my purchases and am looking forward to curling up with a mug of hot chocolate to savor them this weekend!