So, way, waaaay back at the beginning of this blog, I put Nora Robert’s Blood Brothers up for Book of the Week. Well, at long last, here’s the second book in the series, The Hollow.

I think this one is my favorite book in the series. Whereas the first book focuses on Cal and Quinn, this one focuses on Fox and Layla. I enjoy Fox more than Cal as a character because he’s more prone to jokes and laughter than the ever-serious, straight-arrow Cal. Layla, on the other hand, is not nearly as fun as the perpetually bubbly Quinn, as she’s torn between leaving and staying for most of the book.

Don’t get me wrong, that struggle is very believable, and a huge part of her character development which helps her become a very strong force in the third book, but it still gets a wee bit grating as we watch her circle and hedge and worry about her decision over and over and over again.

Luckily for me, Fox comments on this at around the half-way point and basically tells her to make up her mind. I was right with him there and cheered, both at the fact that my gripe was being echoed within the book, and that Roberts is an astute enough writer to realize that readers would probably be fed up at this point and therefore she forces Layla to take some definite course of action.

Once again, Roberts maintains a good blend of horror, humor and romance, though I must admit that Fox and Layla’s romance seems a bit more contrived to me than that of Cal and Quinn, but that’s just me. Since this story is told predominantly through Fox, it has a slightly more lighthearted outlook than Blood Brothers, which is told mostly through Cal. That underlying sense of humor is what makes this installment in the series my favorite – it provides needed relief from the scary bits and, as it’s Fox’s way of coping with the horror, it helps readers cope with it as well.

So, a very good second book in an excellent trilogy. Despite its few small rough patches, as a reader, I prefer The Hollow to the other two books, but they are in no way inferior. Overall, I’d recommend the whole series to anyone who enjoys a supernatural romance with a heavy dose of creepy.