I’ve mentioned before that I’m absolutely terrified of zombies in pretty much any shape or form. Don’t tell me that this one is funny or cute – I won’t believe you. And, even if they are, I’ll have nightmares anyways. Seriously, I’m the girl who had a zombie apocalypse nightmare, woke up, and immediately checked the Beloved Husband’s pulse… if I couldn’t find one, I was so outta there!

So, it comes as a bit of a shock to anyone who knows me that I’ve read The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks three times cover-to-cover. Not only are they shocked that I’ve read it, but that I made it through in one mental and emotional piece. Overall, it’s a good book – if I wasn’t so creeped out by the subject matter, I’d probably dig into it a lot more.

The reason for this repeated foray into realms of personal horror is pretty straight forward – I had hoped that by bludgeoning myself in the brain with zombies repeatedly, I’d cease to be scared of them – after all, that approach worked with vampires. Alas, this time, no dice. Shawn of the Dead sent me running for cover.  I barely made it through I Am Legend, and don’t even get me started on Night of the Living Dead

Anyways, I now know that I will survive a zombie apocalypse – I have my escape route planned (gonna go hide up in our local mountains for starters then head up to the Sierra Nevada – rural areas mean less food for the undead, thus a lower concentration of undead, and altitude and cold should kill it if it’s a viral infection). All I have to do now is learn how to fire some sort of long-range weapon accurately. 😉

So, there it is – the one book no one would ever guess that I’ve read. If you’re a zombie fan, you’ll love it. If you’re just a casual fan, I’d bet you’ll find it entertaining and interesting, and if you’re scared to death of them like I am, you’ll take those tips to heart and figure out where you’re going to run to!