So, this week’s Booking Through Thursday prompt asks:

All other thing being equal, would you rather read a book that’s hard, challenging, and rewarding or light, enjoyable, and easy?

Light, enjoyable, and easy – hands down! I get a full dose of challenging with my three English classes this semester, no need to inject it into my light reading!

As of now, I’m working through The Merchant of Venice in my Shakespeare class, so there’s the hard and challenging. For my light, fluff reading, I’m just a few hours away from getting my hands on Jim Butcher’s latest Dresden novel, Ghost Story. I requested it from my library seven months ago and was 87th in the queue. Now, at long last, it’s mine for three weeks!! MWAhahahahahaaa! (Yes, I know, I get waaay too excited about my books – especially when made to wait.)

Anyways (always the word to use when evil laughter becomes involved), for pleasure reading, I’ll always take light and easy over challenging. Otherwise, it ceases to be pleasure reading and just becomes yet another forced slog. The reward and satisfaction gained from finishing a truly difficult book (remember, I did tackle Ivanhoe on my own in  fifth grade – I know of what I speak) is still nowhere near as nice as being able to immerse myself in a fun story for a time.

Just how I like my books!