I realized late that I still had to write today’s post! While browsing the internet, looking for inspiration, I stumbled across this entry, and it inspired me to come up with my own list of five books that would give anyone who had just met me the most insight into my personality and thought process.

You are what you read…
  • So, as always, Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice makes the list. Like Lizzie Bennett, “I dearly love to laugh” and I try to do so as much as possible. A few years ago, in an effort to manage my unruly temper, I started asking myself, “WWLBD?” (What Would Lizzie Bennett Do?) when I became frustrated or annoyed with the world around me. It has done wonders for my stress levels, let me tell you! 😉
  • C. S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe has also had a lasting impression on my personality. It has fueled my imagination and solidified my attachment to the Fantasy genre. It also caused me to hope against hope for many years that if I went deep enough into my closet, I’d find some sort of Faerieland – alas, all I usually found was dirty socks.
  • Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness had a lasting impression on my faith life. It inspired me to pray more often and more specifically. While the world he paints is definitely fictional, the principles behind his version of spiritual warfare and the forces within and around it made me more open to that aspect of the Christian life and more prompt in praying about it.
  • Tolkien’s The Hobbit gave me a love for words and grand tales. I’ve always been a storyteller, and I often see and recount events in a much more dramatic way than is actually the case – I blame Tolkien and his wonderful way with words and stories and the strength of his vision. It helped shape me into a teller of grandiose tales!
  • Last but not least, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women shaped the way that I try to behave. Gentle, kind, courteous, and always striving to be better – with more than a dash of humor and fun – that’s the lesson I took away from the March sisters!

Anyways, there are some of the most influential books that have molded my personality and general outlook. Wonder what that means?

Edit: Booooo! I was one minute too late in posting – WordPress has credited this post to Thursday instead of to Wednesday where it belongs. Sad face. 😦