• I will read at least one book that is outside my Reading Comfort Zone this year – without it being assigned in a class.
  • No matter how I dislike a book, how angry it has made me, or what plot device the author has used that I disapprove of, I will wait until I have finished the entire book to pitch it across the room.
  • Bookmarks are our friends. I will find all of the bookmarks I have been given over the years and use them.
  • I will stop using old Starbucks receipts and gas station receipts as my bookmarks. I will also stop laying books face-down to mark my place.
  • I will not snarl at the people around me simply because I just got a new book and they are preventing me from getting home to read it.
  • Evil, maniacal laughter over receiving gift cards to bookstores or finding a book I have wanted at half price will be kept to a minimum, or at least, indulged in privately.
  • I will learn how to mark up my textbooks (and only my textbooks) without whimpering.

Happy New Year!