Do you listen to music while you read or write?

I usually do, but then, I listen to music all the time. Still I try to choose music that compliments what I’m reading – for Epic Fantasy, I go for sweeping instrumental pieces, usually with a Celtic flavor. For lighter Fantasy and humorous books, I usually pick a set of Irish jigs and reels. For “The Classics” I have softer, more soothing instrumental pieces.

Classic rock, 80’s power-ballads, and heavy metal are reserved for writing essays that I don’t want to write.

My mom and other friends of mine, however, can’t listen to music while they read – they want to concentrate on one or the other, not have music fade into the background while they read, or have the music distract them from the book.

For me personally, the music enhances the moods in the book (if I time my playlist right) and makes the story more complete for me – but I think that might just be me.

Photo by Cristina L. F.