As a young child, my favorite part of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was the scene where Beast shows Belle the castle library. Oh, how I wanted it! For the longest time, that was my mental template for my dream library.

Then, as I grew older, I realized that I’m a decently picky reader, and therefore, I wouldn’t be able to fill a library that size with books that I’d actually want to read.

So I downsized.

Nowadays, my dream library is mostly based off of my grandpa’s old study at the house my grandparents lived in when I was very young.

It wouldn’t be a large room, but just big enough for a comfortable reading chair and a small, squishy couch, with one wall made entirely out of shelves and cabinets that I would fill with my books and knick-knacks. It would have one big bay window to let in morning sunshine and all of the walls and panelling would be made of rich, warm-toned wood. To finish it off, I’d have a nice thick carpet in there and possibly a decent sized desk and an easel to work on my paintings. The computer and TV would be relegated to a different room entirely.

So that’s my dream library. For now, I have my Book Nook, which suits me perfectly, but someday…

Edit: I’ve recently started a Pinterest Board dedicated to “building” my Dream Library. So feel free to click on the little Pinterest button in the sidebar and visit!