Last Thursday, Booking Through Thursday asked:

“Do you skip ahead in a book? Do you feel badly about it when you do?”

I do not skip ahead in new books (ie: books I haven’t read before), though I do tend to skim over exhaustive bouts of exposition. I rarely feel guilty about this tendency, but it does mean that I sometimes have to go back and reread sections when all that exposition becomes relevant. 😳

I will, however, hop around in books that I’ve read and reread to the point of memorization, like Pride & Prejudice and Little Women. At this point, I’ve read them so many times, that I know where I am even if I start reading mid-chapter, so I find that I usually just start at one of my favorite points and go from there.

And, as great a Tolkien fan as I am, I shamelessly skip most of his Elvish poetry – which leads me to wonder, out of all the avid Tolkienites out there, how many actually read the songs and poems?