In my recent excursion to one of our local used bookstores, I happily purchased The 10th Kingdom. Since I enjoyed the miniseries so much, and the book is an adaptation of the screenplay, I was pretty sure that I’d enjoy it – and I did!

Now, there’s no getting around it – this book is pure fluff, just like the miniseries. There’s nothing really deep here, but it’s a fun read for those of us who like Faerie Tale adaptations.

The main character, Virginia Lewis, is an OK heroine. There are many others that I like better, but she’s a good, solid main character. A little stubborn and moody at times, with all the typical insecurities that a fantasy/faerie tale heroine has, but the authors weave these characteristics into the story pretty well, thus giving them a purpose. And the fact that they have a purpose saves them from being totally clichéd.

The character, Wolf, is quite fun. He’s got a great mix of dog-like enthusiasm and predatory sinister-ness. Some of my favorite scenes belong to him. Overall, I think he’s the most interesting character since he explores the concept of the Wolf Character in many of the faerie tales and the authors bring out facets that aren’t readily apparent in Grimm.

Tony Lewis, Virginia’s father, is also fun – but not nearly as much as Wolf. Tony has a few lines that are pure genius, but his abrasive attitude can be a bit wearing.

All of these characters (and the side characters) fit together really well within the story. They also stay true to their established characteristics, which is always a plus in my book! The faerie tale kingdoms are fun and quirky, as they should be, and I do enjoy many of the ways that the authors expand on the existing lore.

So, a fun book for faerie tale lovers, but nothing really amazing. Still, I’m glad I bought it, and I will reread it fairly soon!