Lucky me! The two little ones that I nanny for took their afternoon naps at the same time! This gave me the opportunity to read Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones.

I enjoyed the book quite a bit, which surprised me, given the rather gruesome content and the fact that the book falls completely outside my usual comfort zone. I made it through the whole thing in two days (over the course of two toddler naps).

Susie’s voice as the narrator was both poignant and compelling. She kept me interested as she delved into her family’s and her killer’s pasts and as she watched them live their lives without her. I especially enjoyed the fact that because she was so strongly connected to her home and her killer’s home that she was able to give more insight into them than she was into her friends’ lives. I thought that twist was interesting.

When I told the Beloved Husband that I had read the book, he immediately replied, “Ooh! The movie looked creepy!”. This prompted us to procure a copy and watch it.

I knew from the start that there was no way that the movie could tell the story in the same way that the book did. It just wouldn’t work. So I hoped that they would amp up the “Murder Mystery” part of the tale and focus on the hunt for Mr. Harvey. I knew that it would change the feel of the story – make it a bit edgier and creepier, but I honestly thought that those elements would make for a better movie.

And, for once, I was happily surprised!

I enjoyed the movie just as much as I enjoyed the book. Mr. Harvey was wonderfully creepy, Susie was sympathetic and engaging, and Mr. Salmon was perfectly frantic and obsessed with finding his daughter’s killer.

So, if this kind of story, with its mix of murder and character study appeals to you, check out either the book or the movie. They both are worth your while!