As I’ve gone through my blog, I realize that I have sorely neglected one form of the printed word – Webcomics!

I’ve got two that I read on a regular basis:

  • Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio; colored by Cheyenne Wright.
  • Goblins by Tarol Hunt (AKA Thunt) and Danielle Stephens

Girl Genius is my favorite out of the two. I enjoy the art style, and the story is fun and full of Mad Science and Steampunky goodness. I especially like how they manage to keep the comic funny, even during the exciting and serious bits. This one really has comedic timing down! And the Jagers! I’ll say no more, but they are my favorite part of the whole thing!

Goblins is pretty fun as well, but it has a violent streak and my favorite characters keep getting killed. Still, it’s a good read – I check up on it every day it updates. The artwork has improved dramatically over the course of the comic and the story-line has evolved from a bunch of D&D jokes to an actual epic quest story. Definitely worth checking out!