One of the best perks of having a Barnes & Nobles membership is the free express shipping!

With the numerous gift cards that my loving family gave me for Christmas, I’ve ordered several books already. I’m saving the last gift card for Ghost Story and Twilight’s Dawn which will be out in paperback in a few months!

Anyways, my first four books came today! I purchased Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small quartet, which finishes out my collection of her books. There are several other miniseries out by her, but I have the ones that I want.

I remember enjoying these books quite a bit when I first read them. Keladry is a likeable enough heroine and I found her use of the glaive to be awesome! I did get a little annoyed with her preoccupation with the various boys (unlike Alanna, who waited til she was older to start entertaining such thoughts), but I very much appreciated Kel’s restraint when it came to acting on her crushes (once again, unlike Alanna, who went a little bonkers).

So, I hope I enjoy this series as much as I did the first time. Luckily, it has a healthy backing of nostalgia in its favor, so even if it doesn’t transfer to Older Me’s reading tastes, I’ll still be glad that I bought it!