So, a while back, fellow blogger Shannon Howell was kind enough to bestow both the 7×7 Award and the One Lovely Blog Award upon me. I squee’d with joy and promptly began to look for other blogs to nominate before posting about it.

Then Real Life hit, and I found myself forgetting to post, and forgetting what I wanted to post as I scrambled to keep up my blog. And now we find ourselves in the month of March, when I had wanted to post about this in early February. 😦 So, a belated “thank you” to Shannon – you made may day back in January, you really did!

As a 7×7 nominee, I am supposed to post 7 general things about myself, list 7 of my posts, and nominate 7 other bloggers. Sadly, due to that nefarious entity, Real Life, I’ll have to postpone passing it along to other bloggers as I’ve been horrible about seeking out new blogs to read.

7 Things About a Bookwyrm

  1. I spent some time in Nicaragua with other college students distributing eyeglasses and helping operate free eye clinics along the Rio San Juan. We stayed in open-air cabins alongside the river and slept under mosquito nets to keep all sorts of nasties out – from the swarms of moths to the spiders that were as big as my hand.
  2. The Beloved Husband and I are both baffled by my antagonistic relationship with technology. We joke that I can kill a computer just by tapping the On button… except… that’s not entirely a joke…
  3. I absolutely loathe washing dishes.
  4. I am a Navy Brat.
  5. I don’t know how to swim.
  6. I didn’t see The Muppets’ Christmas Carol until I was 20.
  7. I frequently quote FireflyDoctor Who, and Star Wars – almost as frequently as I quote Pride & Prejudice.

7 Blog Posts

  1. My Fantasy Writing Checklist Pt. 1 – Just my thoughts on how to jump into writing
  2. My Fantasy Writing Checklist Pt. 2 – Checklists are always more helpful when you have the whole thing…
  3. 5 Books That Define You – An interesting concept.
  4. Fun With Book Nerds – English Major Humor – I thought it was funny…
  5. More English Major Humor – Because we all could use another chuckle.
  6. Book Of The Week – “Ignorance Is Blitz” By Anders Henriksson – More people need to read this book.
  7. 10 Bad Books – My very first blog post!

I’ll post a list of 7 cool blogs soon, I promise!

Now, the One Lovely Blog award is for blogs that leave you happier for having visited them.  Shannon posted a few things that made her happy in honor of receiving it, so I believe I’ll do the same. 🙂

  • Kittens, or anything having to do with kittens
  • Good music
  • Stash’s “White Christmas” tea
  • The Beloved Husband’s hot chocolate
  • The movie, The Holiday
  • Curling up in my PJs with a good book
  • Otters

Once again, a list of other Lovely blogs is pending!