So, fellow blogger, David, over at The Warden’s Walk recommended that I read Gunnerkrigg Courta webcomic by Tom Siddell. One weekend, I decided to follow his advice and I ended up powering through the whole thing over the course of two days. It is a good series! I highly recommend it.

I like the art style – it’s unique and fits the feel of the comic. It evolves over time to become less cartoon-y and  quite beautiful (Siddell does light and shadow so well!), but at the same time, some of what made it stand out so much kind of gets softened. I’m not complaining too much, since it still looks cool though!

This comic is big on mystery, so I found that I preferred reading large chunks at once to waiting for my weekly updates now that I’m all caught up. Some pages are so cryptic on their own that waiting for the next one (or two, or three) to put them into context and explain them is sheer torture.

The story-line is great (obviously, since I always want the next update to come faster) – quirky in some places and downright creepy in others! Siddell always manages to get the atmosphere just right. The characters are fun in their own right and easy to relate to, especially if you’ve made it out of high school and can remember some of the drama that went on with a fond chuckle!

So, anyways, I’m enjoying this one quite a bit! Thanks, David, for the good recommendation!