So, over at the Egotist’s Club, they’ve got a new meme going – “10 Weeks of Books”. Instead of a prompt for every day (as in “30 Days of Books”), there’s just one prompt per week. This means that, despite having less to write about, the meme will actually take longer to finish and I won’t have to write at such a frantic pace.

Week One’s prompt is pretty self-explanatory: crushes on characters within your books.

I very briefly answer this question in this earlier entry, so I suppose I should go a bit more in-depth.

Mr Darcy was my first “book crush”. Even as I’ve grown older, he’s remained a great favorite. I love his sarcasm and his ability to verbally go toe-to-toe with Lizzie. I enjoy his friendship with Bingley, his strained tolerance of Mrs. Bennett, and his relationship with his sister. Most of all though, I love how, despite his obvious character flaws, he is a man of honor who takes his role of “protector” seriously.

From a reading standpoint, I love how his character develops. Austen keeps him likable, even when he’s being a jerk. His honor is not something that he has to discover in himself, but rather, something he already has that readers need to discover on their own. Lizzie Bennett says it best:

“I don’t mean to imply that either his mind or his manners are changed for the better, rather, my knowing him better improved my opinion of him.”   – A&E Pride & Predjudice 1995

Other “book crushes” have included Sebell and F’nor from Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern novels and Kyp Durron from Kevin J. Anderson’s Jedi Academy trilogy.