Booking Through Thursday asks:

“What are your literary pet peeves?”

Comma Usage. I am a believer in the Oxford Comma, for starters, so when I see, “The flag was red, white and blue” as opposed to, “The flag was red, white, and blue”, I see red. I will always recommend more commas.

Also, The Favorite Word. Just because a particular noun, adjective, or adverb was effective the first time does not mean that it will retain its effectiveness when used repeatedly over the rest of the novel. Synonyms, people! Synonyms!

And finally, in professionally published works at least, Careless Typos. If you’re going to bother getting the book published, at least get a good editor and proof reader! One typo can slip by, but when I see a book that’s riddled with them, it sets my teeth on edge.

Apparently my literary snobbery is farther along than I thought…