Packed and ready to go!

The TGIF question of the week is:

“If you could take a trip this summer to any place within a fictional book, where would you go? “

Hmmm… I’d probably head off to Narnia for a week or so and then circle ’round to Neverland on my way back home.

Both places are jam-packed with childhood nostalgia, and both offer lots of excitement with minimal danger (plus, good food and comfortable lodging!).

In Narnia, I’d head to Cair Pareval first – enjoy the view and scope out the library (after all, what castle is complete without a massive library?). I’d also try to get up to their astronomy tower to view the stars one night. Then there’s the Dancing Glade to visit to party with the fawns and dryads, and I’d also want to visit with the various Talking Animals, and see if I could get a tour of the Dawn Treader.

In Neverland, I’d want to spend most of my time in Mermaid Cove – you know, get a tan, read a good book, swim with mermaids – the whole tropical paradise scene! The rest of the time, I’d just want to explore, perhaps see if I couldn’t convince a pixie to dust me with some pixie dust so I could see the sights from the air!