This week’s prompt from the Egotist’s Club book meme has been so much fun! But then, I like making up names and thinking about what I would call pets, children, and characters of my own.

 I read a lot of Fantasy, so the names I like tend towards the Medieval and Mythical. You know, names like Gawain, Jaenelle, Genevieve, Morrigan, Nivienne, and de’Bracy.

However, I love my future offspring far too much to saddle them with any of those names. They’re beautiful yes, but they’re also difficult to say, difficult to spell, and won’t fit on any government forms. Besides, if your average Starbucks barista has trouble spelling “Leah” correctly, just think of the horrors that will result from trying to sound out “Eilonwy”!

So, given my taste in books, are there any suitable candidates for the children that will inevitably appear in my life at some point?

I personally have developed an attachment to the name “Alanna” (which, according to various baby name websites, means “beautiful”, “noble”, “precious”, and possibly “deer” or “rock”). I first stumbled across the name in Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness quartet and loved the way it looked on the page and the way it sounded when I said it aloud. And while I didn’t approve of all of the character’s decisions throughout the series, Pierce’s Alanna is hard-working, determined, and kind, despite her temper – all traits that I’d be okay with my daughter possessing.

I’ve yet to find any male characters whose names I like enough to pass on. Most of my favorites have names that are too tongue-tangling to saddle a child with, and many of the names I like come from characters who don’t really leave an impression. Still, I live in hope! 🙂