Since The Sandman is a looong series of comics, I am nowhere close to being done; but I have made it through “Master of Dreams”, “Preludes & Nocturnes”, and “The Sound of Her Wings”.

“Master of Dreams” covers Dream’s imprisonment and escape, while “Preludes & Nocturnes” tells the story of him gathering his objects of power and regaining his strength as lord of the dreamworld. “The Sound of Her Wings” is a brief interlude where Dream regains his perspective on what role he needs to play and how he’s going to play it.

“Master of Dreams” does a good job of setting up the plot. It’s dark and atmospheric without being overly gruesome. As it shows readers the lives and fates of various “dreamers”, the story sucks you in. The idea of dreamers being trapped in their fantasies once the Dreamlord is captured is an interesting one (to me, at least) and I enjoyed Gaiman’s take on it.

“Preludes & Nocturnes” is the longest installment that I’ve read so far. As he journeys to regain his stolen items, Dream travels through London and Hell and makes a brief foray into Arkham Asylum. My personal favorite part is his meeting with John Constantine, though his battle with the demons is pretty cool as well. Dream’s final showdown with the crazed psychopath from Arkham is properly chilling, and definitely horrific. I found myself cringing at the depiction of what kind of nightmares could be produced by that particular brand of crazy.

That being said, “The Sound of Her Wings” is a refreshing break from the darker side of the comics. The relationship between Dream and his older sister is sweet and their conversations are oh-so-siblingish. It made me chuckle and provided the appropriate balm for characters and readers alike as we recover from the villain’s onslaught in “Preludes & Nocturnes”.

The cover art, in general, is amazing! The artwork of the pages is your standard superhero comic fare – nothing amazing, but it’s not bad. Overall, I’m quite enjoying this series, and I look forward to reading more.