This week’s prompt in the 2012 Book Meme over at the Egotist’s Club is: the author by whom you own the most books.

Time to browse the shelves!

The winner is Brian Jacques with a whopping 18 novels. Jim Butcher comes in second place with 12 novels and, much to my surprise, Julie Garwood comes in third with 11.

Redwall was my favorite series as a child (something I gush about at length here), so it makes sense that Mr. Jacques has the hefty lead that he does –  after all, he has a whole shelf devoted to his works!

As I looked through them, I had to chuckle at the telling wear and tear on the covers. Redwall, Lord Brocktree, and Marlfox are the most battered, having been lovingly dragged up my great-grandmother’s elm tree many times so I could read in my favorite spot. Their pages are also slightly stained in places from being turned with fingers that were sticky with Gravenstein apple juice. Legend of Luke‘s dust jacket is less ragged than others’, but its pages are full of old Juicy Fruit gum wrappers that I used to mark my favorite riddles and poems.

I was actually expecting Jim Butcher to end up in first place, given my loyalty to the Dresden Files. As soon as Side Jobs and Ghost Story come out in Mass Market Paperback size, I’ll be adding them to the collection.

Julie Garwood making the top three really surprised me. I enjoy her writing quite a bit; I just hadn’t realized that my romance novel collection was quite that big!

Also surprising was the fact that none of my current favorites made it into the top three – Neil Gaiman, Anne Bishop, Mercedes Lackey, and Anne McCaffrey are all in the pitiful single digits! Frank Peretti does get an honorable mention though –  ten of his books are in my collection (mostly his Cooper Kids series from when I was young though).

So, even after all these years, Brian Jacques is still top author on my shelf. Hooray for childhood nostalgia!