Today’s TGIF prompt from GReads! is:

If you could use existing characters from some of your favorite books to create a new story, who would be in it?”

Hmmm… I guess it would depend if I wanted to write something serious or something silly.

For a serious story, I’d probably pair up Atticus O’Sullivan from The Iron Druid Chronicles with Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files (kind of an obvious pairing, I know) and have them protect some chunk of the USA from Hans Christian Anderson’s Snow Queen. With Harry now being the Winter Knight, it would be interesting to see how he would fare against a  High Sidhe who wants to turn his turf into a frozen wasteland and turn innocents into her ice-hearted slaves. It also would be fun to see how Mahb would react to such a challenge.

For a silly story, I’d pit the Weasley twins (with Fred still dead and ghosty) against Neil Gaiman’s character, A. Nancy and his son, Spider, from Anansi Boys. Let the prank/joke war begin!

Over on deviantArt, artist “Pika-la-Cynique” has done a marvelous job smooshing favorite characters together. Her fan comic is called Girls Next Door (affectionately dubbed GND) and is very much worth your time if you enjoy cross-over silliness.