This week’s topic over at The Egotist’s Club is:

Book(s) that you would bring on your honeymoon. (ie; so intrinsic to your life that it MUST be shared with your life partner as soon as possible. Or just fun to read together.)

Well, I’ll answer in two parts – the books I actually took on my honeymoon, and additional books I would have brought if I had more time/room in the suitcase.

So, lemme see; if I remember right, I took Frank Peretti’s The Oath and William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.

We spent a long weekend in Coos Bay, Oregon, so I didn’t bring a lot of books, after all, how many was I gonna get through in 3 1/2 days, especially since I can’t read in the car. I brought The Oath because it’s a cool book that I hadn’t read in a while and The Princess Bride because it’s a story that both the Beloved Husband and I enjoy. Also, both books could be put down at a moment’s notice.

If we’d planned a longer honeymoon, I would have added Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice (always a favorite and – added bonus – if you read that book, you will have a better inkling of how I view the world), Tolkien’s Two Towers (because the Beloved Husband and I are supposedly reading it together – we’ve slacked off), and probably one of The Dresden Files books (because they’re always fun).

So, yeah, those are the books that I’d bring on any long trip actually.