So I kinda blew through The Iron Druid books – they were quite enjoyable and easy to read!

The second book in the series, Hexed, picks up pretty much where Hounded left off, with Atticus dealing with the fall-out of his actions in the first book. With a cast of creepy witches, crazy Bacchantes, and all of our favorites from the previous installment, the story chugs along at a good pace.

Once again, Hearne’s snark had me laughing pretty hard. The attempts of a several-centuries-old vampire to use modern lingo is hysterical, and I love Atticus’ general style of narration – it’s reminiscent of the early Dresden books.

While I’ve grown quite attached to Atticus’ wolfhound, Oberon, his humor is hit and miss for me. I enjoy his obsession with sausages and his doggie-style interpretations of human interaction, but I’m not so in to the way he “adopts” personalities – it makes him seem too human. I suppose, in the back of my mind, I’m comparing him to Anne Bishop’s Kindred, which is really unfair of me because she hit the mark so well. Anyways, it’s not something that I actively dislike, but it doesn’t thrill me either.

Hearne is still straying a little too close to the edge of my comfort zone in regards to modern religion. This is the book where he has  a devout Catholic cause the Virgin Mary to manifest through sheer force of will/belief. It wasn’t offensive, but  it’s enough to make me wary as I read on.

So, overall, a very enjoyable book! I don’t regret buying it sight unseen and it won’t be leaving my book collection anytime in the foreseeable future.