Booking Through Thursday asks:

“Who taught you to read?”

Short answer – my mom. The way she tells the story is that I came up to her at a very young age and asked her to “teach how me to read”.

We started with the basics – Go Dog, Go!, Ten Apples Up On Top,  and various stories by Dr. Seuss. Then there were The Berenstien Bears and Little Golden Books. Dinosaur picture books came later, as did Stellaluna and Verde.

Those were all books that I could read along with her and figure out the words and stories on my own pretty quickly. Mom also read me stories like A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, and Little House on the Prairie, which I couldn’t read til later.

Beyond books though, my mom also read the dialogue of her video games to me. Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, and Zelda: Link to the Past were just as influential in teaching me to read and teaching me to value stories as any of my picture books.

So, beyond just teaching me the mechanics of how to read books, my mom taught me to value and enjoy the stories that the books contained at an early age. That love of stories and of reading has stayed with me my whole life.

Thanks, Mom!