So, I’m re-playing one of my all-time favorite PlayStation games – Xenogears! I’m playing through it with the Beloved Husband, reading the dialogue aloud as the story progresses (much like my mom did for me). As we move along, a thought occurs, as it has every time I play this game.

I want this to be a book soooo badly!!

This game literally spans 10,000 years, three or four wars, and four separate nations. It’s got repeated reincarnations, repressed memories, psychological breaks, genetic memory, religious sub-texts, political intrigues, and racial prejudices – all wrapped up in a JRPG from the 90’s that features, among other things, giant robots.

Xenogears is remarkably ambitious for its time, both in concept and in its game design. And, despite the unavoidable flaws of the turn-based, “random battle” system and dated graphics, it lives up to its ambition. I’d love to see it remade for modern game platforms, frame for frame – same music, same dialogue, just updated graphics, a reworked battle system, and all those missing plot bits that developers tell us exist (thank you, incredibly rare, Japanese only art-book, for filling in those holes).

More than that though, I’d kill to see it novelized. The plot is so complex and so detailed that I think that reading it as a book would be the only way to get all of the nuances and to keep track of all of the twists. Write it as one really long book, a trilogy, or a full-on series, I don’t care; I just want to see it written.

Alas, thanks to copyright law, I’m pretty sure this will never happen. Also, I’ll bet that the number of fans rabid enough to purchase such a book is astronomically low. *sigh*

Still, someday, when I have that elusive thing known as “free time”, I might try to write it myself. After all, I know where to find transcriptions of the game’s dialogue and fan translations of Perfect Works, that art-book I mentioned earlier, so I can conceivably pull it off. It would then sit on my bookshelf, to be shared only with Xenogears fans as rabid as I.