So, YA Fantasy has done it again – it’s hidden another good story behind a vapid, hurl-worthy cover.

Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness Quartet has undergone several cover art changes. I was totally cool with the last one (preferring it, actually, to the original), but this last one, especially the cover for The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, is horrendous.

All right, I’ll be fair. The other three covers aren’t that bad, but still.

So, we went from this:

To this: (I like this one best)

To this:

 Once again, what does this new cover have to do with the story?? It’s a medieval fantasy novel, so what’s with the pseudo-modern clothes? The love triangle is soooo not the focus of the series, so why feature it – especially in the book where Alanna dramatically decreases her dependence on men?

So, yeah, as someone who has read and reread this series, the new cover “doth offend mine eyes”!