Oh my gosh! The artwork in this book is soooo cute!! Really, that was my initial reaction, and I stand by it.

Mouse Guard is a pretty standard fantasy story, but instead of people, it uses animals – mice to be precise. This story follows three guard mice – Saxon, Kenzie, and Liam as their search for a missing merchant mouse turns into a race to save their town from a traitor within the ranks of the Guard.

Honestly, the book is rather like a Redwall novel in graphic novel form, so the story isn’t anything ground-breaking, but it’s cute and fluffy and fun to read. I honestly had been hoping for a more fleshed out story, so I was a little disappointed at how basic is seemed. A lot of the character relationships seem to be rushed, so when the mice proclaim great friendship for each other, I often find myself going, “But they only just met a few pages ago!” It makes some of the dramatic scenes less… dramatic.

The art work is spectacular though. I plan on buying this just for the art alone. The mice are adorable, even as they brandish knives and spears and fight off snakes and track down traitors. There was not a single panel that did not have me squealing, “Aaaaawww!”

So, anyways, I think the artwork alone is worth the money it takes to buy a copy of Mouse Guard, but the story is a little to simple for my tastes. I still enjoyed it, just wanted a bit more.